Paleo-dieters are unconquerable. They stay away from grains and legumes and shun dairy, but manage to discover excellent substitutes for their favorite dishes and make them even tastier than the original versions. This paleo pizza is a great example.

Clever people, no doubt about it!

So if you hear someone saying, “But paleo variations of junk food will never taste as good as your memories of it,” you can be sure that he or she has never tasted these paleo pizza bites!

Though the word “pizza” originates from the Latin word “pinsa,” meaning flatbread, you can make pizza without any dough. This recipe uses only pepperoni, bell peppers, mushrooms, parmesan and olives.

“Oh, another recipe with cheese, again!” the paleo purist will say.

My friends, those of you who have the willpower never to cross the line of a strict paleo diet (I so admire you!), can use almond cheese instead. Here’s the simple recipe to make it at home.


  • you can savor these paleo pizza bites until you feel full and satisfied
  • they make splendid appetizers

Not only is this paleo pizza recipe delicious; it is also absolutely effortless.

I like to serve these mouthwatering bites at home parties. These nibbling snacks are definite crowd pleasers for people of all ages. Kids will be crazy about pizza bites, and so will their parents.

Are you intrigued? Have you tried making these paleo mini-pizzas? Share your experiences of cooking these yums!