Paleo cheesecake is a delicious treat that will delight both children and adults with its amazing flavor and tender, unusual texture! With this recipe you’ll have an amazing dessert to serve to your guests in no time!

Ancient Greece produced many magnificent achievements in the areas of government, science, philosophy and the arts that still influence our lives. But did you know that the Greeks also gave us cheesecake?

The very first cheesecake was made on the Greek island of Samos in the 7th century BC, and it was served to athletes who competed in the Olympic games. Cheesecake later became a symbol of hospitality, and was traditional treat at weddings, in a way a precursor of wedding cakes.

Today, this dessert is very popular, but many cooks hesitate to try making it at home, thinking that it is too hard. But the fact is that preparing cheesecake is pretty simple, something even a beginner cook can handle!

Of course, the unique feature of this cheesecake recipe is that it is paleo.

Intrigued? Just look at the pictures of this dessert; you can’t help but be attracted by the bright strawberry layer, and your friends and family will be amazed when you serve it to them.

This paleo cheesecake will also fill your home with aroma of fresh baked goods; what could be better?

Cheesecake also helps to improve your culinary skills. When cooking it you can experiment, adding fruits and berries, chocolate and anything else that comes to mind to the basic recipe.

Pretty soon you will come up with your own, signature paleo cheesecake. All your friends and family will be paying you a visit to taste your unbelievable dessert.

Attention! Important tip!

Before you try preparing this dessert at home, be sure to get the correct form for baking it. This will ensure that you can easily place the finished cheesecake on the serving platter without damaging it.

In fact, when you know the right recipe for homemade cheesecake and all the steps are followed exactly as it is written, you will eventually realize that success is guaranteed.

Don’t hesitate to cook this paleo yummy right away!