No one will prove me wrong – omelet is one of the finest breakfasts invented by humanity. A couple of eggs gives you about 12 g of easily digested protein, and also a nice portion of unsaturated fats.

Pair it with crab meat, avocado (have you ever tried to add avocado to scrambled eggs at all?) and tomato – and you will get all the crucial elements for being prolific and exhilarated all your morning.

  1. Crab meat is rich in minerals and vitamin B12 that supports normal brain function and lowers your risk to have cardiovascular illnesses. One of the healthiest foods, indeed.
  2. Avocados can saturate you excellently and quickly, because they contain much dietary fiber, but fewer calories. They provide you with lutein and zeaxanthin, which are helpful for eyes and likewise – good fats to maintain central nervous system.
  3. Tomatoes are a source of vitamin K and potassium that are good for blood coagulation and pressure control. They also have a high percentage of vitamin C that is essential anti-oxidant!

Hey! It’s 3 wins here!

But when you wake up early in the morning, you do not spend much time on considering all the health benefits of your breakfast, let’s be honest. Foremost, you think of having something quick and tasty. And this omelette is absolutely so!

You spend only about 15 minutes to make it, efforts are minimal and even joyful. As for me, I love to sing when cooking this yum (and I do this quite often, so let’s sympathize my poor neighbors :-).

And the flavors are so versatile! Parmigiano Reggiano is widely deemed as a top cheese, and it makes a big gustatory change to your omelet. Yes, i know, that cheese is not Paleo, but sometimes you feel like deviating from the rules for a little. But if you are a strict Paleo-eater, try to substitute parmesan with dairy-free cheeses.

Back to the recipe. You can use pre-shredded cheese, but a freshly grated one will give you deeper palate.

Don’t be lazy, it won’t take much of you! Avocado mash is tender, so is the crab meat. Tomato and salad leaves give some textural contrast to this tenderness. You can add hot sauce or spices, if you’d love some piquancy in your scrambled eggs.

This omelet is especially delicious if you eat it immediately right from the skillet. So don’t hurry to take out a plate.

Hope this remarkable dish will make your morning!