Are you in a hurry and need a quick and satisfying snack? This energy bites recipe is just for you as goji berries are known as the most nutritionally dense fruit.

In the East, goji berries have been used for healing for many years.

Goji berries contain all essential amino acids, have highest concentration of protein than any fruit, vitamin C, twenty-one trace minerals, and a lot of fiber.

Lycium Barbarum, as is also called goji berries, is a powerful antidepressant, giving courage and elate. Fruits of this plant normalize blood pressure and strengthen the immune system.

Just imagine how much benefits this berry can bring. And it can be eaten?

Use goji for preparation of delicious paleo snack.

This snack provides a huge energy boost and is simply irreplaceable during a busy day, when there is no time to cook and to eat. With a couple of these balls you will catch your second wind.

10 minutes and you get beautiful satisfying and energetic paleo meal.

It is also a super-fast, super nutritious super food after a super workout.

Just like I wrote before – goji berries contain all essential amino acids and the highest concentration of protein than any fruit.

That is exactly what you need after pumping your muscles. If you want more effect, substitute cocoa powder with protein.

You can make another substitution in this recipe. If, for some reason, you don`t have olive oil or you simply just don’t like it, use coconut oil instead. In this case, before forming the balls put coconut oil and honey in a bowl and melt it.

Besides the fact that these paleo energy balls are very nutritious, they are also very easy to make. You don’t even have to use a knife. Just a food processor! Mix, blend, form balls. It’s a child’s play!

Stop! A child’s play?

Yes, it really can be!

Children like to sculpt.

So, why don’t you involve your kids. Great fun for kids, free time for you.  Kids will be super excited about this sweet and bright treat!

Just don`t let them get too excited, otherwise you will have to clean up all the walls from energy balls.

Who knows, maybe this will be their first step on a culinary road. And with some time, your kids will delight you with such beautiful snacks.

Hope you and your family will enjoy this recipe.